【“Jilin-1” Views the World】A dreamlike place of squid - toyama, Japan

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Fireflies squid, which contain a glow device, swim here to lay eggs every year from march to June along the coast of toyama bay. The night scene is dreamlike and is called "the mystery of fushan county".
The white shrimp, known as the "gem of fushan bay", is produced in the bottom valley of fushan bay.
At 96 degrees, up to 3,000 tons of hot spring are gushed out every day

Toyama prefecture is located in the center of the Japanese archipelago and the central north of honshu. This period, "Jilin-1" brings us to the beautiful and fertile fushan county.

Toyama airport

Located about 7 kilometers south of the downtown area of fushan, fushan airport is the only airport in Japan built on the hechuan high beach. The airport facilities, including the runway and apron, are all located on the high beach on the right bank of the shintong river.
As the terminal building of fushan airport is located outside the embankment, in order to cross the two ends of the embankment, the airport has designed four empty Bridges with outstanding features, which are the longest in Japan.

Toyama station

Fushan station, located in mingrong town, fushan city, fushan county, was used on March 20, 1899. It is an important station in fushan city.
The station has an "empty-hand sightseeing counter" for tourists to store their luggage. It can provide luggage distribution and temporary storage for visitors to the station.

Toyama traffic

In this picture taken from "Jilin-1", the traffic in fushan is very developed. There are four traffic arteries connecting the east and west of the city.It is worth mentioning that after the opening of the beilu Shinkansen, the fastest train to take the shining, just 2 hours 10 minutes from Tokyo station to fushan station.

The ballpark

A survey by the Japan sports research institute concluded that the most popular sport in Japan is "professional baseball". Japanese professional baseball tournaments attract many fans each year, and it's not uncommon for a family to go to the ballpark every weekend to watch a local team play.
The baseball field photographed by "Jilin-1" is located in the downtown area of fushan, which is clearly seen as two professional fields. On the other side of the field, there is a training field.

Bachongjin beach

The baozongbang bathing beach is located on the west side of shentong river, which runs through the center of fushan city. To enjoy the fun of sea sports and barbecue, a large number of tourists come here every year.
Located on the west side of the baazhong beach is the fushan oil trough in the sea of Japan. The picture taken by "Jilin-1" shows that this oil trough is relatively large in size, and the internal facilities and layout are very standard.

Tomiyama is the gateway to the sea of Japan, surrounded by dangerous mountains on three sides and facing deep sea on one side, where you can enjoy the beautiful magnificent scenery and delicious food and dishes.
From the perspective of "Jilin-1", we can see a more three-dimensional and comprehensive Japanese tomiyama, where there is a developed transportation network, modern urban facilities such as a stadium, as well as a seawater bath suitable for vacation and leisure. Looking forward to the next issue, "Jilin-1" to bring us more surprises.